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MedCan Foundation - Monday, April 17, 2017



From the desk of Henry Levinski

National Director of Operations for Medcan Foundation, Inc.

Contact: + 1 817-528-2475 MB

Today at Medcan, we would like to give everyone a short summary of the importance of the work being carried out around the world within the niche of our company and the talents that are being generated in this emerging industry that we promote.

In every period in time, there has been a subject of controversy, difficult to accept, that it is incomprehensible to our sometimes innocent human ignorance. Without going too far, let’s remember when the idea that the Earth was round was chaotic and unacceptable to even think about it. In the same way today, accepting many aspects of life in our society generate the same debate, in which some defend their arguments and others have an invalid or invisible participation. The imminent importance of medicinal cannabis is the best example of this issue. From all corners of the world there is a new or old fight to educate people about the positive effects that this plant has against chronic diseases.

Medcan Foundation is forging the way in some US states and countries where there is already some hint of apprehension on the issue and even more in places that are structuring laws in favor of the medical cannabis industry.

In US states and territories such as Puerto Rico (which we already work hand in hand with), Texas, Mexico, Colombia, and more recently in South Africa, we are establishing ourselves with force.

We have been working very hard in Texas since the SB339 proposal by Sen. José Menéndez was presented in 2015, which enables the possession, use, cultivation, distribution, transportation and delivery of low-THC medicinal cannabis for epilepsy. We at Medcan have worked together with the Government to help Texas enter the list of the 28 States that approved the use of medical cannabis in the United States.

Recently there has been an amendment introduced to the Bill which seeks to replace the language of "prescription" for "recommend", create independent testing facilities, limit the application fee to just $5,000 and allow patients to cultivate at least 6 plants for personal use. These have been great advances for the industry in terms of legalization of the product, but not until May 2018 the State regulate and distribute the oil, supervised through the Department of Public Safety.

From the desk of Romina Porcara

Director of Operations for Medcan Foundation, Inc. Mexico

Contact: + 1 832 - 965-4350 MB

In Mexico, we are managing our first educational seminar which will be held on July 22 under the certification of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) in the city of Monterrey Nuevo León.

Although a law has still not been established, there is an initiative with a draft decree whereby they reformed, added and repealed provisions of the general law of health and therefore amended article 195 of the Federal Penal Code. This initiative was presented by the federal executive and has entered into discussion since 2016 when it was sent to the Chamber of Senators.

However, we are already working in Mexico to promote this initiative and to teach doctors and the community in general that the cannabis industry will bring great benefits to the medical and scientific community.

From the desk of Luisa Fernanda Soto Villada

 Director of Operations Medcan Foundation, Inc. Colombia

Contact: + 57 - 320-789-3513 MB

On the other hand, in Colombia we have a letter of reference, with the newly enacted law 1787 of July 2016 where the scientific and medicinal use of cannabis to be grown, manufactured, distributed and exported under legal regulations is enabled.

Once the Colombian law was established, we realized the task of shaping our Medcan Colombia team and have made significant progress in terms of public relations.

We’ve had the pleasure of making contact with the directors of the National Academy of     Medicine in the country who were ready to help us in all of the accreditation process for continuing education for Colombian physicians. We’ve also made visits to various faculties of medicine in Bogotá for support of our educational seminars, both legally and scientifically, working hand in hand with a great project that seeks to contribute a bit to the peace process that the Government is advancing.

We’ve also managed to make contact with individuals from public policy to learn the different positions and in a case in point, we talked to a Chancellor representative for the conservative party, who said that the approval of the law and the arrival of Medcan to the country may be the beginning of a rampage of illegal drugs and recreational use marketing. But Medcan at this meeting had the opportunity to tell them that what we seek is to break such paradigms starting with education, because we understand that, if ignorance is broken, the evolution of this industry will be imminent, although a long history of social suffering exists.

That representative meeting reached a fortunate conclusion, exposed by the Lord Chancellor, and that is we have to focus our efforts in changing the mentality of those who do not believe in the wonders of this industry. So, we offered to set up a meeting with the conservative party to teach them how medicinal cannabis works, because it was evident that lack of knowledge predominates his refusal of acceptance.

From the desk of Dr. Barbara Collazo Cortes

Director of Operations Medcan Foundation, Inc. Puerto Rico

Contact: + 1 787-988-2187 MB

Regarding Puerto Rico, it is seen as pioneer in the research of the medicinal use of cannabis and is a source of knowledge recognized by countries that want to start the same way and in which Medcan made its presence nearly two years ago. The opinion of the American legislator from Colorado Daniel Pabón stands out in that he promotes not only the legalization of medical cannabis, but its recreational use. Pabón said: "having travelled the world investigating this topic, I can say with certainty that Puerto Rico is on the verge of being at the forefront of research and development around the world like in no other place on the planet”.

Medcan continues to comprehensively monitor in Puerto Rico changes to the law in relation to the approval of the recreational cannabis and we continue operating thoroughly our function as certifying officers on the subject of health with physicians in the country.

From the desk of Diana Avellanet

Director of operations Medcan Foundation, Inc. South Africa

Contact: + 1 787-354-4039 MB

We are also managing our arrival in South Africa. Since February 20, they issued that the Government will give fulfilment to a measure that was proposed in 2014 in which they shall grant the first licenses that allow the production of medicinal cannabis and we hope that with our leverage we will provide great benefits to the national economy of this beautiful country.

Our main interest is to help those who need it and applaud approval of the medicinal use of cannabis oil and its derivatives in Argentina, a country that we carry to heart and where surely Medcan will promptly find a space.

So here we are, speaking out for the less advantaged.

In a week we’ll post again to tell you more about what is happening with Medcan Foundation and the medical cannabis industry. Stay tuned!


Luisa Fernada Soto Villada

Director of Operations

Medcan Foundation, Inc. Colombia

Phone: + 57 320 789 3513

E-mail: dpicazo@medcanfoundation.com

For more information please visit our website: http://www.medcanfoundation.com/


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