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Lessons for Texas from Abroad

MedCan Foundation - Friday, August 19, 2016

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From Phillip’s Desk:

Dear Friends, Partners & Shareholders,

          As many of you know, Medcan has been heavily involved in the burgeoning Medical Cannabis Industry in Puerto Rico.  It has been an exciting roller-coaster ride that continues to provide invaluable learning experiences.  Dante has been in Puerto Rico for the past six months working directly with the Department of Health to help shape regulations and to implement an education and certification program for  Doctors, Cultivation, and Occupational Licensees.

          Medcan was the first education company to be authorized by the Health Department to provide certification courses to both Doctors wanting to recommend cannabis and to potential occupational licensees who want to work in the industry.  The response to these courses has been overwhelming.  Every class that has been offered fills to capacity with people excited to be a part of this new and exhilarating industry.  The response from Doctors is especially reassuring, since at the genesis of the program they seemed to be hesitant to voice their support.  Now, however, they are lining up to be a part of the program.  Hopefully this is an indication of how Doctors will act in Texas as they become more educated and comfortable with the idea of prescribing cannabis to their patients.   

Medcan is proposing for the DPS to implement a similar certification program in Texas as the one in Puerto Rico.  We believe this is in the best interest of all Texans and would demonstrate that Texas is serious about having the best medical cannabis industry in the Nation.  Even though the Compassionate Use Program is projected to be relatively small in the beginning; it seems very likely that this program will be expanding in the near future.  Such a program benefits everyone involved; the doctors get the information that they need to provide quality care, the people who will be working in the industry learn what is expected of them and the State and citizens are reassured that qualified people are involved in the industry. 

Puerto Rico is ahead of Texas in the fact that they are already accepting applications and issuing licenses to cultivators.  Medcan represents several clients there and has already taken some through the entire process, all the way to getting their license.  Dante will be returning to Texas this month and is eager to share all of the lessons that he has learned while navigating the application process. 

Texas will soon be moving as fast as Puerto Rico and it is important that we all are prepared to move with it.  Medcan’s involvement in Puerto Rico is a blessing for Texas and our clients, because we are already well seasoned and running in high gear.  Medcan has vast experience in dealing with government offices and officials and a track record of being able to effect positive change.  This is incredibly pertinent in Texas when dealing with the DPS, who are very supportive but new to the cannabis industry.  Medcan has been able to offer suggestions; guidance; and feedback throughout the entire existence of the Texas Compassionate Use Program and we will continue to have an active dialog and positive relationship with the DPS, moving into the future.

From JLO’s Desk:

Our past seminar on August 6th & 7th  in El Paso was a great success where we had the privilege of meeting a variety of individuals at the Camino Real Hotel. Our seminar was attended by people with backgrounds in business, the medical field, Real Estate, Finance, and advocacy. Although, I am one of the original founders of Medcan Foundation this was my first seminar and chance to see how the seminars actually work and be able to see first-hand how people were very interactive and their ability to freely ask questions on their minds and be open. For instance, one young man had a strong passion about cannabis and even created a YouTube channel to inform his followers about the benefits of hemp. To say that not many care about this industry is truly incorrect because the majority of our seminar attendees were very informed and interested. They seemed to have a strong desire to alter the vision and stigma we have today about cannabis and help those who are seriously struggling with medical conditions.

 We are also currently expanding into the Florida market to begin conducting educational seminars about the benefits, opportunities, patient qualification, chemistry, history, and creating a pathway for innovation. Moreover, we have been blessed with having been invited by Congress to introduce and assist in creating the medical bill to the President of Argentina in October to explore what Argentina has in store for Medcan. As well as, Dante has been given the opportunity to have a meeting that is significantly comparable to a meeting with U.S. Senators.  So, as you can imagine we are all very excited for all the upcoming events and the opportunities Medcan represents.  As a matter of fact Argentina just approved the law to use Cannabis Oil. 

I am also very eager to have the privilege to work with such a great company and see this movement for change in the Medical Cannabis industry develop. I look forward to meeting you all and representing Medcan on September 13th at our Colorado Industry tour.  The following is what we have scheduled for our tour on September 13th; A tour and Q&A with Blue Line Protection Group which provides armed protection, professional compliance and investigative services, and secure transportation services. A tour of a CO2 Extraction Lab to learn and see the process of making food grade edibles and concentrates. A visit to a Dispensary to review product line and model (Doctors will be able to visit a MMJ doctor’s office to meet with a doctor and owner of the business.) A visit to a supply store as well as, a stop at a High end boutique style dispensary to review business model and product lines. Lastly, we have scheduled a Tour of KUSH Bottles which produces child proof containers, they are the nation’s largest and most respected distributor of marijuana packaging and supplies. We have tons of exciting things planned so I hope you can join us! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Lastly, Our next local seminar is on November 19th & 20th at the Doubletree Hotel in Austin, TX be sure to register to secure your spot. The following is a link to register remember seating is limited and Austin normally fills up pretty fast Register Now


Jennifer Casey

Director of Client Relations

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

469-767-4177 (MB)

817-528-2475 (OF)


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