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MPP in Texas

Bill Sholar - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Please see below a link regarding the three bills that are being currently introduced to change medical cannabis laws and cannabis laws as well as decriminalization for the State of Texas (courtesy of MPP). As you can see there are sparkles of flames in the very, very short future and it is critically urgent and imperative that we Texans fan those flames, otherwise, miracles are not happening around here. As we have witnessed the last decade has taught us that California, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, etc. have bled to change and reform cannabis laws and we should not be any different. Additionally, we should always remember that we get the representation that we vote for and the law changes that we brawl for.

Who Represents Me?

Event on November 12th in Houston: Is Texas ready for medical marijuana?

Finally, here is a link to our donation page for MPP

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