Pharmacology University is an innovative group of entrepreneurial professionals with over one hundred years of combined experience in the fields of medicine, science, marketing, federal law and business management. Our main focus and objective is to provide educational seminars for (1) the general public, (2) doctors & medical professionals, (3) lawyers & legal professionals and to lobby for legislation that will help bring medical cannabis to those who need it in the states of Texas, Florida, Arkansas,Puerto Rico plus the countries of Colombia, Mexico and more are being added. Our mission is to be the driving force that takes us beyond a time of outmoded taboos and political obstacles so that we can help alleviate much of the pain and suffering of those who will benefit from the relief brought by the miracle of cannabis treatment. Medicinal cannabis medication has helped hundreds of thousands of patients enjoy the gift of an improved quality of life. We are determined to vastly increase the number of patients who will benefit from cannabis medication through lobbying and by appealing to the compassion of our legislators to provide this natural form of healing to patients.


As Texas, Florida, Arkansas,Puerto Rico, Colombia and Mexico  draw closer to the legalization of medicinal cannabis, Pharmacology University is preparing a structure and a pathway to those interested in a profession within this newly emerging business. We have prepared and organized a group of educational seminars that can help interested people become a part of this exciting new industry, should they choose to do so. The opportunities brought about by this newly emerging phenomenon are limitless. Everything from owning or running your own clinic to becoming a caregiver or a grower, based on the history and track record of other states where cannabis has been decriminalized for medical purposes, the cannabis industry presents new opportunities where abundant success is inevitable.  The proof is highly visible by just witnessing the economic explosion that has happened in the states that have taken the step to legalize this much needed medical miracle. The time has come to stop denying wellness to those who need it because of outmoded thinking.

It has been said that if cannabis was discovered for the first time today it would be hailed as a natural medical breakthrough.


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